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Consultations over the phone, via text and email, are free of charge.


In person home consultations which generally last about an hour are $35. An in-person consultation in or around the fabric district in New York City is free of charge on Saturdays between 9AM-1PM.


Custom garment pricing normally starts at $250, this price does not include fabrics and materials. All designs are priced individually, based on the work involved in creating your custom garment and the price of your fabric.


A deposit of 50% (non-refundable) of the quoted price is required to secure my services.


The price of your order will only increase if dramatic changes are made to the design during the process, which will significantly affect materials and labor.


Home fittings are available for which travels expenses are charged a flat rate of $35 per visit. Please note it is always preferable for me to work in my own environment with all of my equipment at hand for alterations.


For reference, on average a jersey gown will run from $300 - $600; prom dresses $600 and up; wedding dresses $2000 and up; swimsuits $120 and up; toddler girl dresses $150 and up.


All prices are in US Dollars.



What does the quoted fee pay for?

The fee includes labor, all fabrics/materials needed to construct your garment and 2-3 fittings.


Which forms of payment do you accept?


Payments can be made via Cash App, Chase Quick Pay, Zelle and or in cash.  All major credit cards are accepted, please note there will be a 3% transaction fee applied to all card payments.


How much time do I need to plan to get my custom dress made for me?


It’s best to allow at least 2.5 - 3 months to complete your dress from design to finished product. I create only a few dress at a time, so booking as far in advance as possible is encouraged. During slow months I occasionally accept dress orders a month out.


How much time do I need to plan to get my custom wedding gown made for me?


It’s best to allow at least 6 - 8 months to complete your dress from design to finished gown.


Can I bring a friend with me to my fittings?


Up to three guests are allowed to accompany you to a fitting with advanced notice.


Can I have an appointment in my own home?


I will travel to your home to hold a consultation or fitting at your home at a fee of $35 per visit.  Consultations held in a café near the fabric district in New York City on Saturday’s from 9 AM – 1 PM are free of charge.



Do you accept international orders?


Currently, I am not accepting any international orders.



I’m planning on losing weight, how will this affect my custom garment?


Often a small amount of weight-loss will not dramatically affect your dress design. As we progress through your fittings, it is natural that I will nip and tuck your dress into shape to fit you perfectly, so I can tweak as we go!


If however you have a larger planned weight-loss, it’s best to wait until you have reached a weight nearer to your target weight, as large amounts of weight loss between fittings can dramatically alter certain details of your garment.



  • After your initial consultation is made and design agreed, a 50% (non-refundable) deposit is required to secure my services.
    I can become very busy, and while I don’t like to rush a decision, I can become booked up quite quickly during certain months.


  • Sketches provided are based on our conversations at initial consultations and are sent via text/email for discussion and approval. Providing a new set of sketches is charged at a rate of $40.


  • Deposits are non-refundable. I’m only able to take a very limited number of custom orders for any given month. I must often decline other orders in order to secure your place- in doing so I ensure that every order I take gets the proper amount of attention devoted to it. For these reasons, we are unable to refund deposits at any time and we thank you for your understanding.


  • Your order may be canceled at the first fitting at the toile stage without financial penalty, although the deposit remains non-refundable.


  • Unpaid orders remain my property and may be sold if not paid for within 30 days of the deadline date to recoup costs.


  • I prefer that deadlines are as close to the event date as possible to ensure the best possible fit.


  • Please strive to make all of your scheduled fittings, especially closer to the finish of your dress. Canceled and delayed fittings may cause the pick-up date of your dress to be delayed as a result.


  • Underwear should be purchased at the earliest opportunity, the type of underwear needed can be discussed at your consultation. I recommend that you wear the undergarments you will be wearing on the day of the event WHEN YOU TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS! IF you do not usually wear a push-up bra and Spanx on a daily basis but you are going to wear those items on the day of the event, have them on when you come for measurements. You'll be surprised how many inches these things can shave off a belly and/ or a booty!


  • Exact colors and shades on fabrics and designs on trim, including lace, cannot always be guaranteed.


  • During fittings, shoes and underwear must be the ones intended for use day to ensure the best possible fit.


  • If the client insists on a fit tighter than recommended, I cannot be responsible for the finished fit of a garment.


  • Equally, I accept no responsibility for gowns not fitting due to clients increase or decrease in weight or any other reason beyond my control after the gown has been collected. You can, of course, come back for an extra alteration if needed. Costs may apply.


  • If a large weight increase/decrease occurs, especially during the final stages of your gowns creation, certain parts may have to be re-made, which may be charged for time and materials.


  • Fit cannot be guaranteed if fittings are not attended.


  • If for any other reason the date or deadline of your order changes, while I will strive to accommodate your request, I can under no circumstances jeopardize my work for other clients who I have already scheduled.


  • I am not responsible for fabric price increases after a quote has been made. However, I will give you notice of price increases before ordering fabrics for you.


  • Dramatic design changes during toile stages and at final stages may incur further costs.


  • The remaining balance on your dress is payable on collection of the dress. No dress can be collected without full payment.


  • Please note that my working hours are 5 pm - 10 pm Monday through Friday and 3 pm - 10 pm on weekends. Please ask for availability in advance.


  • Please notify me of the guests you may bring with you to your consultations and fittings.


  • Please make sure that you have read and understood all of the terms and conditions, feel free to contact me if you have any additional inquiries. (

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